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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Last day of April!

Amazing to think that April is drawing to a close.  And, after lots of cold and snow in Wyoming and Colorado during our visits, we are most ready for spring, with summer soon behind.

I still struggle with how to stay in touch with family and friends, post a few photos, and just stay better connected.  We keep a daily log for ourselves for information regarding our locations.  I'm just not yet sure about a blog for us.  But, will post a bit... actually, this post will be quite long as I do some catching up.  Guess I need to write shorter posts, more frequently.

Since Tucson, we traveled to Benson, AZ where we spent nearly a month at Saguaro SKP Park, enjoying the time with friends and exploring the area.  Then, we went on to City of Rocks north of Deming, NM and on to Roswell, NM.  While in Roswell, we met with our accountant and financial advisor, visited friends and Tom helped a friend remodel his bathroom.  And, we had the baseplate mounted to our Chevy Trailblazer, had the wiring done, and purchased the tow bar and braking system so that we can now tow the car behind the motorhome.  I love now being able to ride with Tom in the motorhome!

After our time in Roswell, we headed north to Trinidad, CO where a snow storm snuck upon us... stayed there a few days until the roads were clear again, and then moved north to Colorado Springs.  Then, on to Cheyenne, WY where we enjoyed time with Kayla and Weston.  Loren came up from Ft. Collins, and we took a roadtrip to Cabela's in Nebraska... fun to be with both the kids (Weston had duty and was not able to go with us). Got back on a Sunday afternoon, and Loren headed back home... a snow storm was moving in.  Well, what a snow storm arrived the next morning!  The "Yogi Blizzard of 2013" kept us in our motorhome at a rv park for five days!  Cold, and blowing snow... as low as seven degrees one night, and 18 inches of snow!  Couldn't put the slides out, and one day we couldn't even get to Kayla's house just a half mile away because of all the semi-trucks stranded at the truckstop next door while I-80 was closed!  But, we managed through, and learned what we are capable of handling :)  Probably won't venture north in April again, but who knew this would happen.  We grinned and got through it.

From Cheyenne, we drove south to Ft. Collins to be with Loren for a few days.  Took a tour of Odells Brewery and went for bbq with Loren on the Sunday afternoon we arrived, and Loren came after he got off work each evening for the few days we were there... fun to cook for him each evening!

We are now at Cherry Creek State Park in the south side of Denver... beautiful park, and we are enjoyiing time with friends also parked here.  We will move on to Alamosa by May 8th.  Looking forward to time with Ryan and family there... in fact, we are looking forward to taking care of Lucy and Obie on May 9th and 10th while Ryan works and Kate has finals.  Lucy is now two, and this will be our first time "meeting" Obie since his birth in January.  What fun!

And, it's asparagus season in the San Luis Valley, so our hope is to pick lots of it and putting as much as we can in the freezer!  Looking forward, also, to visits with friends and family in the area and shopping at the Valley Food Co-op.

Well, this about catches you up on things with us and our travels.  The photos below are of us with Kayla and Loren at Cabela's, our campsites at Cherry Creek State Park and City of Rocks.  Life is good, and we are truly blessed!