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Monday, September 30, 2013


     We begin  this post by saying that we feel amazed and TRULY BLESSED! How did this past year go so quickly since Tom’s retirement? We have had many great adventures and seen beautiful, interesting sights.  And, had good visits with family and friends, along the way.  Great that we have been able to stay connected to so many of you via cell phones, e-mail, Facebook and blog posts!
     September began with friends Nancy and Bill in Pagosa Springs for the Four Corners Folk Festival over Labor Day Weekend.  Amazing and enjoyable musicians, and a good time.  We then traveled the short distance to Kirsten and Kevin’s at the north end of Vallecito Reservoir, parked in their yard, and enjoyed time with them and Logan and Owen.  Tom and Kevin got in lots of fishing (our freezer is stocked with trout!). We attended “grandparents day” at Logan’s school and had lunch in the cafeteria with a group of 2nd graders. Owen helped me cook one day. Tom helped them split and stack wood for their winter in the mountains.  A great two weeks with them all, and we also got in a couple visits with Delcie and Freddy before they left their campground hosting job, as well as other traveling friends!
 2013.09.07 002 2013.09.13 002 2013.09.09 Logan - Grandparents' Day at School 2013.09.08 Owen Cooking
    After leaving Durango and the beautiful mountains and trees, we headed west into open country.  More and more, we love the remote areas where you can see for miles.  Enjoyed time at Natural Bridges National Monument, Capitol Reef National Park, and are now out on BLM land near Hanksville, Utah.  We especially enjoy “dry camping/boondocking.” We have become pretty proficient at conserving resources and can stay out two to three weeks between dump stations and services.  Some of you know that the accountant in me loves to keep stats… we have boondocked 177 days this past year! Below are some spots we have enjoyed… great hikes in beautiful areas!
2013.09.20 Natural Bridges, UT 0302013.09.16 005 Echo Basin RV Park, Mancos  2013.09.21 0282013.09.25 013
   2013.09.20 Natural Bridges, UT 0262013.09.29 003 BLM west of Hanksville, UT
     So, here we are now about to start another year on the road living this fulltime rv lifestyle!  Wouldn’t change a thing, and feel grateful for what we have learned and the friends we have made!  This month of October 2013 will be spent in and around the Moab, UT… looking forward to Nancy and Dave joining us!!!  Life is good, we are happy and well.  A fun quote comes to mind…
"If there is such a thing as getting to a good place in life, this is it!"    Amen to that!
Hugs and best wishes to all!  Keep in touch!
Dianne & Tom