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Monday, October 28, 2013

October in the Utah Desert


     Hello and best wishes to all!  October has been a time of beautiful fall temperatures and sights.   From our spot  parked on a ridge near Goblin State Park, we enjoyed amazing views and hikes through the park, thru slot canyons of Little Wildhorse Canyon, and across the valley to a cave Tom spotted… what a special treat to discover a “window” and many pictographs in the cave! 

     And, we’ve had great fun with friends in Moab!     (group photo… top,Carol and Steve; bottom, Dave & Nancy).  Tom attended a gem & mineral show, and went on a field trip. After a week in Moab, we traveled to Grand Junction, Colorado with Nancy and Dave for a few days of “big city” stuff… service to the vehicles, another gem & mineral show, a movie, and some stocking-up shopping.  We returned to Moab for another eight days of boondocking out in the middle of nowhere on BLM land… oh, so peaceful and beautiful there! Today we moved to Sand Flats Recreation Area, three miles from town to be more convenient for the Moab Folk Festival next weekend. (the last photo is where we were parked on BLM land with Nancy & Dave, 27 miles from Moab, Utah)

2013.10.06 0392013.10.05 0062013.10.07 002 2013.10.06 0202013.10.06 0192013.10.06 0252013.10.08 0142013.10.13 Moab2013.10.08 002 Sunset  2013.20.13 005 Moab BLM 

     While parked on BLM land outside Moab, our quiet changed to much activity for a couple of days as we found ourselves in the “vet check” area of the Moab Endurance Ride, a horse event of some 100 riders traveling 25 and 50-miles per day, over three days. A couple of days before, they brought in stock tanks and alfalfa… we found out what was happening and volunteered to help.  We enjoyed seeing the horses and riders, and being part of the activities…I set up coffee each morning for the veterinarians and volunteers, and Nancy, Dave and Tom recorded times as the horses and riders came in. Fun and interesting experience!

 2013.10.26 009 2013.10.24 Moab Endurance Ride 0052013.10.26 013 

And, now for our news… It’s Official!!!   

     We are most excited to share with you that we have accepted a position for next summer as hosts at a small, remote BLM campground in western Wyoming!  We are taking over from friends who have been the hosts at Warren Bridge Campground for the past three years and, due to family obligations elsewhere, are unable to return next summer.  After submitting our resume, telephone interviews and some finger crossing, the BLM offered us the position and we promptly accepted!  We feel it will be a great fit for us, on the Green River with similar elevation and terrain to our Southern Colorado roots. So, we will continue to happily travel along for now, but stay parked next summer.    Lots of fishing, rockhounding and exploring to do in the area… Tom is grinning ear to ear!

     One more story and photo to share… while in Grand Junction having service on our motorhome, we locked our cat, Maggie, in the bedroom most of the day while parked at the service center.  When we let her out mid-afternoon, she headed to the back of the sofa at the window… stretched long, warming her paws on the window, and soaked up the sun!

And, thanks to friend Don M. for this photo of us in our rig :)

2013.10.17 003 2013.08.21 Dianne, Tom Rig

     Well, that’s about it for now… November will take us to Goosenecks State Park before leaving Utah, and then on to Prescott and Sedona, Arizona for some exploring in that area as we move south and west.     Life is good and we are blessed!  Please stay in touch… we love hearing from each of you! 

Fondly, Dianne & Tom