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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Project Time in Benson & Tucson, AZ

Our list of things to accomplish in this first part of March has made for a busy and productive time, and Benson is a particularly good location for projects. Once we learned we could have MCD shades installed while in Arizona instead of driving to Dallas next fall, we jumped at this at Premier Motor Coach Services in Tucson. They measured the windows and got the shades on order. Then, Tom went to work at removing all the old window coverings and remodeling the front tv cabinet since we don’t use a tv there. He made the cabinet smaller, reupholstered it, and did a great job! Some photos of the process prior to installation of the shades.

20140301_114005 20140301_123340 20140301_140806 20140302_093420

We made a weekend trip to Deming, NM to attend the gem & mineral show there and meet rockhound club friends Diane, Jeri & Ron.  Had some great visits with friend, Lee, and “toured” his terrific new shop!  We had a wonderful dinner at Adobe Grill with Lee and Denise before she moved on east.  Good times! Denise posted an extensive update on her blog… check it out HERE!

 20140308_135237 Lee 20140308_174554

Upon returning to Benson, we enjoyed visits with Nina & Paul, Nancy & Dave, Julie & Mike, and Delcie & Freddy.

Then we headed off to Tucson, for our shades to be installed… but the shades did not arrive, so we parked in Premier’s lot for five days waiting for installation! While in Tucson, we got new tires on the Trailblazer, prepared and filed our tax return, did some shopping and checked a number of things off “our list.”  Met Becky & Dave on a day they were off duty from their job at Catalina State Park… we chatted for two hours and loved every minute of that! Wishing them the best as they finish out there!

Tom ran into Carol & Steve at Camping World in Tucson… what are the odds?  Go figure! Fun chance to be spontaneous and we all enjoyed a great dinner at the Cup CafĂ© in the historic Congress Hotel, Tucson… interesting and beautiful old hotel, excellent food, and great time together! 

 20140313_193046 Steve, Carol, Dianne, Tom 20140313_194835

The new MCD shades are finally installed in our motorhome!  We are SO happy to have the shades in place!  These American Duo day/night shades are as amazing as everyone said, and the power front cockpit shades are the best!  Thanks to those of you who shared info and supported us through this process!

20140318_071515 20140318_071634

20140318_073107 20140318_073142

Now, we have returned to Benson for a week! Time to slow down, get caught up again, and enjoy friends here.

Be well, everyone!  Dianne & Tom

Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Flew By !!!!!

Hello from Benson, AZ where it is cloudy and stormy today… much-needed rain just starting! We are at Saguaro SKP park and enjoying plenty of water and electricity after mostly boondocking these past few months. Time to do projects and get caught up a bit, clean and bake, work on the tax prep, etc.
We had a wonderful ten days at Roosevelt Lake with Alice & Robbie, celebrated our anniversary and theirs a week later, and had great visits and adventures. Their friends, Kelly & Dave, joined in for a week and it was so good to get to know this couple we had heard good things about… all true :)  We got a chance to try kayaking for the first time, using Alice & Robbie’s two-seat, inflatable kayak... great fun, and we went out on the lake a couple of times! (thanks, Alice & Robbie… so glad for your friendship!) The six of us went to the Indian ruins at Tonto National Monument… very interesting, nice hike and beautiful views of the lake and valley below.
20140216_122123 20140217_132129
20140217_135639 20140216_182658
20140219_111400 20140219_113739
After we left Roosevelt Lake, we headed back to Tucson to visit friends. On our way, we stopped at a wonderful secluded spot with the most amazing collection of desert plants, a spectacular sunset, and enjoyed a truly dark, quiet and peaceful night!
20140223_180959 20140223_181609
Our time with Becky & Dave at Catalina State Park was a true blessing! We first met them just over a year ago at RV Boot Camp at North Ranch in Congress, AZ. Something “clicked,” and we have stayed in touch this past year via blogs and notes, but that doesn’t compare to being together in person.  And, yes… real hugs!  Becky & Dave are currently volunteer staff at this park, and we scheduled our visit for their days off. We enjoyed great meals and chats, shared adventures and things we had each learned since being new to this fulltime rv lifestyle, and just generally enjoyed reconnecting with these special people. We SO look forward to their visiting us in Wyoming this summer!  The “rest of the story” is too long to share here, but suffice to say that having coffee, cookies and brownies for breakfast with Becky & Dave was, well…  why, one might ask? Because we can!!!
20140225 Catalina State Park 20140225 Becky & Dave
So, guess that about catches you all up on things with us.  We look forward to a number of visits with friends in this area during the next month… will begin getting warmer here in Arizona, and we will enjoy it all since it may still be winter when we arrive in Wyoming in May. We are well and happy, content in our wanderings… enjoying every bit of our journey, yet ever mindful of our friends dealing with health issues! We keep you each in our hearts and prayers!!!
Wishing everyone well!  Thanks for traveling along with us!  As for this lifestyle, recently read someone’s words about going from “ROOTS, TO EN ROUTE.”  Yep!  Think that about sums it up just right.
Hugs, Dianne & Tom