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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Moving North – Nevada & Utah

Well, the lunar eclipse and April full moon have come and gone… beautiful!  We are further north than we had expected to be by now.  Adjusting to cooler temps and higher elevation after so long in Arizona.  We truly must be turning into “desert rats,” as we are missing the balmy climate and don’t like needing to turn on heater again.  But, great adventures.

To recap the past couple weeks… Tom’s incision is healing beautifully!  It was a simple basal cell carcinoma, thankfully.  I was able to remove the stitches with a pair of tiny fly fishing scissors, so all is well.

After a couple of days in Phoenix, AZ we moved on to Quartzsite for a few days of total relaxation in the middle of nowhere! Interesting to visit Quartzsite at quiet times of the year in contrast to the January RV fun activities and crowds. Then to Parker, and on to Las Vegas, NV.  While in Las Vegas we were able to take care of our BLM credentials process… ready now for our summer volunteer position. We also enjoyed a visit to Red Rock Canyon.
20140410_111647 20140410_110859
Our plans for time at Lake Mead were thwarted by the Nevada Range War!  So, will save a visit to that area for another time.  While visiting Valley of Fire we had an awesome sighting! If you look very closely at the photo below, you will see a bighorn sheep standing in the shade of a rock outcropping, towards the bottom center.  Our camera does not do this justice, but what a treat to spot it! The small picture is of a display at the visitor center.
 20140411_122109 20140411_125558
Decided it was time for new tires on the motorhome, so moved on to St. George, UT to accomplish that. Also, had a front end alignment… riding well now, and feeling safer!

Enjoyed a few days at Bryce Canyon National Park. Beautiful sites!

20140415_193118 20140415_193101
Spotted this restored truck and trailer… RVers come in many styles.  Sweet!
20140416 Truck & Trailer
Well, that’s about it from us for now. Traveling Hwy. 89 north through Utah to Idaho, and then on to Wyoming. Lots to see and do before we settle in for the summer. Sending best wishes to all!  Dianne & Tom

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Always Learning!

I recently learned a new word… DOORYARD.  I asked Tom if he knew this word, and he said he did. However, it is a new word to me… go figure?  It seems a fitting word to use for us RVers, particularly those of us that live in motorhomes and trailers/5th-wheels with only one door.  The dooryard is the area outside the door!  Duh! Some people refer to it as the patio, and I’m sure it has many different names.  For me, it is a light bulb moment sort of word, as I have not previously known how to describe this area right outside our door.

Because we have learned in these past two years that we truly love boondocking in remote locations, our dooryard brings many different, interesting and beautiful views. Time in RV Parks is functional; good places to use water and electricity as well as enjoy visits with friends, but our boondocking locations are truly special to us! A peaceful dooryard, especially with great views is a blessing to all our senses!

And, speaking of beautiful locations… we now have the image of one of our favorite places “front and center” in our motorhome. Remember the “before” photo with a sign that read, “art goes here”?  The remodel over our dash is now complete with a beautiful photo taken by our friend, and talented photographer, Dave Katsuki. Dave took this photo when we visited the Creede area with him and Nancy last spring. Those of you who know the area will recognize this shot of North Clear Creek Falls. Thank you, Dave, for this and the other beautiful art in several locations in our home!
Our time in the Benson and Tucson areas was fun and productive. We had great visits with fellow RVers! We hung around longer than planned, as we decided Tucson was a good location to take care of Tom having a skin cancer removed from his back. Surgery went well and I am now  treating the incision daily. Made one last stop at the surgeon’s office yesterday and they confirmed that it is healing nicely!  And about that “always learning” comment… oh, dear… I get to remove the stitches on Friday! They gave me a suture removal kit and good instructions. I’m nervous… but understand that it’s not difficult. Tom says I can do it... what a trusting soul.  Wish us luck!

Before leaving Tucson, we got in one final visit with Becky & Dave at Catalina State Park!  Great fun… see you up north in a couple months!!!

Right now we are in Tempe, AZ for a couple of days before we begin moving north towards our summer volunteer position in Wyoming. We will take our time moving up the eastern side of Nevada, boondocking in great places that friends Nina & Paul have described on their Wheelingit! blog.  Thanks! Always appreciate your good information!  Don't need to be in Wyoming until early May, so plenty of time to move slowly and enjoy! The full moon and total lunar eclipse in the Nevada desert will be an amazing site!

Well, guess that’s about it for now. Sending best wishes and healing thoughts to special friends dealing with health issues and treatments!  Stay strong!  We love you and keep good thoughts for complete recoveries!!!!
Be well, everyone!  Love, Dianne & Tom