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Thursday, May 15, 2014

“OUR” Campground

We are pleased to finally be “parked” at Warren Bridge Campground on the beautiful Green River near Daniel, Wyoming!  In the two weeks since we arrived to find snow still covering the roads and campsites, the temperatures have improved and the snow melted off.  Then, it snowed some more!!! Now, summer is “teasing” again! 

While staying in Pinedale, we drove out to the campground every few days to check that progress… fun to watch the transition!  The following photos show what we found upon arrival…
20140427_121526 20140427_120459
This is our home now… much better!
20140515_082705 20140515_081850
This is truly beautiful country, and very similar to the San Luis Valley in Colorado… same elevation, mountains all around, the sounds of geese and sandhill cranes, and lots of wildlife. Never saw so many antelope and mule deer!  And, we were treated to the sight of two moose in our campground one day!

Yesterday was busy, as we moved here and started setting up.  Tom met with maintenance staff who started the water systems and got the electricity hooked up… showed Tom how the dump station and systems work.  Propane company came and hooked up our propane and filled the tank. Landline telephone was connected. So, now we are settling in and getting organized.  We have a shed/shop for storage and tools, etc. 

We think we will enjoy this location for the summer.  And, as hosts, we welcomed our first camper yesterday afternoon! We spotted another moose last evening, and the full moon made our first night even more special!

The campground is made up of two loops.  The first loop, nearest the entrance, is for “day use” and no overnight camping.  It has two restrooms, and sites have picnic tables and grills.
The camping loop sits further back from the road, and has 15 spacious campsites (in addition to ours) with two restrooms.  At each site, there is a picnic table, grill, fire ring and trash can. This is a 14-day maximum stay BLM campground, at $10/night ($5/night with Access Pass), with plenty of water spigots and a dump station.  A cleaning crew comes here twice a week to clean the restrooms and empty trash… YAY! That’s not us :)

So, we are off to a good start and so enjoyed coffee in the bright sun this morning!  Spotted another moose across the river, plus antelope in the campground.  Yes, I think this will be a great place to spend the summer, and we are looking forward to visits with friends that will be stopping by... no reservations necessary. Just travel safely, and we'll leave a light on!

Best wishes to all, and be well, everyone!  Hugs, Dianne & Tom

“If there is such a thing as getting to a good place in life, THIS IS IT!”

Thursday, May 1, 2014


     We have arrived at our “summer home” area and are looking forward to our position as volunteer hosts at Warren Bridge Campground near Daniel, Wyoming thru the end of September.  We will not “officially” start our duties at the campground for another week or so and, in the meantime, we are enjoying this time to become familiar with the area and do some exploring.

     En route north, after leaving Panguitch, UT, we were fortunate to enjoy several peaceful days at a remote boondocking area south of Provo, UT… gorgeous scenery, Meadowlarks in abundance to serenade us, sounds of wild turkeys to wake us each morning, great hikes and time just sitting in the sun in this quiet mountain location.  We were truly “happy campers!”
20140418_15323720140421_08204520140418_15343520140418_141157 20140418_141309
     From our mountain paradise, we continued north to Provo and spent a few days parked at the Elk’s Lodge with full hookups… did our final stocking-up shopping, cooking and cleaning. Then moved on to Kemmerer, Wyoming and enjoyed visiting Fossil Butte National Monument, and on to our Daniel/Pinedale location. 
     After three days in an rv park at Daniel Junction, we have moved to the BLM wareyard, where we will enjoy a convenient place to be until the remaining campground snow melts and the utilities are hooked up. There is no snow here in Pinedale, 20 miles away and at a slightly lower elevation.  We are very close to downtown, have full hookups, and are quite content for now.
20140430_110530 20140430_113620
FYI… Pinedale, Wyoming – County Seat, Sublette County. Population 2,600; elevation 7,175 feet. Pinedale is famous for its Museum of the Mountain Man, and the Green River Rendezvous Days held the 2nd weekend in July. This year is the 79th annual rendezvous.

     While becoming acquainted with the area, we got our library cards, made vet appointments for our dog and cat to get annual vacs, found a hair dresser, and are visiting stores and businesses… there is the most amazing aquatic center here!  For a small town, Pinedale is a very nice community with many amenities!  We look forward to visiting the Museum soon :)
     Before moving to the campground, we will do a bit of volunteer work (mostly Tom), putting up some fire extinguishers, repairing a wall in a building, and maybe help with some fences.  We are up for anything… we really like this area and have received a warm welcome!  Campground photos in the next post :)

     Best regards to each of you, whatever your situation might be!  We hear and read of weather problems in various parts of the country.  Many of our friends are traveling… stay safe and be well! 

Fondly, Dianne & Tom