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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father’s Day & Friends

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing men in our lives!  Wishing everyone the very best!

This past week has been a blessing of friends visiting us here in our little campground… Sandie & Jim arrived on Monday, and Tina & Jeff pulled in the next day.  We had been fortunate to see Sandie & Jim several times this past year and, as always, enjoyed the time with them.  It had been just over a year since we last saw Tina & Jeff… way too long to not be with people we enjoy so much!  Really good to catch up with them again!

The guys took a drive “up river” one day to see how the river is settling… fishing should soon be good!  And, since there was a photo taken of the guys, we got one of us gals, too.
20140611_125535 20140611_193801
Here’s a nice shot of Tina & Jeff along the Green River. We had great visits, and are truly honored to have had both couples here!
All in all, things continue well for us here.  We are a bit surprised that it is colder here than Southern Colorado. At about the same elevation, we were expecting it to be more similar to that area.  But, then again, you really never can know about weather.  Our first month has been a mix of sunshine, clouds, drizzle, more sunshine, wind… you name it.  Even a few snowflakes yesterday!  Rapid changes, and uncertainty minute to minute.  But, we are enjoying life here!  Tom just about has all the sites mowed and trees watered… finding a rhythm and keeping on top of tasks.  Had eight campsites occupied one night!  Usually just a few.  Still watching for the Killdeer eggs to hatch, saw three moose the last day Tina & Jeff were here, and the Osprey put on quite a show eating fish on top of a power pole near our home.  Oh, yeah… and many baby Pronghorn!  Too cute!

And, Carol Ann asked about our pets and commented that she hadn’t seen any photos of them recently.  Well, here are some new ones.  Maggie (cat) is particularly happy to come and go, roam around and catch mice.  Nell (dog) has to follow the same leash rules as campground visitors, but she enjoys great walks with us and some free time to play. She’s good about staying on the porch and playing “guard dog.”
20140615_140618  20140615_114859
Well, that’s about it for now… friends Becky & Dave arriving on Thursday!  Yippee!  Hope to have fish photos soon!!!  So nice to be able to take care of our duties and enjoy visits with friends at the same time! Looking forward to other RVers dropping by later.

Best wishes to each of you out there, and thanks for “traveling” along with us!  We are blessed!

Hugs, Dianne & Tom
“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”  Linda Grayson

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer… Finally? Maybe? Almost?

We are loving our summer location, and grateful that we are now seeing more blue skies and warmer temperatures.  It is much greener here now than the header photo shows, and the campground trees are leafing out.  Tom is watering now, and will need to begin mowing soon!  It seems that summer is trying to arrive, though the clouds and wind still come and go to tease us!

Our first project… as those of you who know us well understand, we love to have a labyrinth to walk.  At our stick-and-brick houses, in Colorado and New Mexico, we built a labyrinth in each of those yards.  Well, with the rocks we found in abundance here, it just had to be done!  So, we hauled rocks and hauled rocks… and, created a labyrinth in “this yard” for our use and to share with our campground guests.  I must say that, though it is rustic, it is truly lovely!
We have settled in, had at least one rig in our campground most nights, and as many as three.  Mostly, we are a convenient, peaceful stop on the way to and from other places.  Our “day use” area sees more activity as people stop to use the restrooms, picnic and use the dump station.  We understand that once the river settles down this will be more of a fishing destination.  For now, it has been good to ease in slowly and find our rhythm. 

Before we moved to the campground, Nancy & Dave stopped in the area on their way to their summer job at the visitor center in Jackson, and we enjoyed a visit and dinner together.  Have popped in to say hello a couple of times when we went to Jackson… it is very busy where they work!

Tom has taken two fly fishing classes, and thoroughly enjoyed the learning and making some acquaintances to talk fishing-guy stuff with.  He had hoped to have caught fish by now, but learned that this must wait until conditions are better.  It WILL happen!

Alice & Robbie arrived on May 27th and stayed five days.  So special to have them as “our” first campground visitors. We had a great time with them here… numerous chats and catching up, and took a drive one day together “up river” to check out the camping and fishing areas in the Warren Bridge Recreation Area near our campground.  We feel honored that they made time to come by for a visit!  Here are a few photos…
20140529_115211 20140529_115512
Other neighborhood news… we met a couple who live nearby and have greenhouses, as well as chickens and pigs.  They sell a variety of items at several area farmers markets, so we are set for produce, eggs and pork this summer.  Yum!  For additional shopping needs, we have learned that we can find anything needed in Jackson, an hour away.

All in all, we are off to a good start and enjoying our location.  It is peaceful here!  We are watching a Killdeer nest for eggs to hatch, a pair of Osprey on a nest are a delight to see, the Pronghorn frequent our campground and one female appears ready to drop soon… twins? she is huge!  We’ve seen only a couple of moose (and know to be careful of them!), a pair of swan fly over now and then, and there are lots of birds.  We enjoy the wildlife and wide-open views in all directions! 

Now, if summer would just arrive and the wind would quit!!! :)

Our best to all!  Hugs, Dianne & Tom

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”  Douglas Adams