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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bikes, Galore! New Friends and Old Friends…

“Cycle Greater Yellowstone” is a six-day bicycle event that made a stop in our Day Use Area on Tuesday, August 19th.  Early that morning, eight porta-potties were delivered, the caterer arrived, and a very well-organized lunch stop was set up quickly by some 30 support staff of the ride!  The first of 660 riders arrived just after 10am and from then on until 2pm, cyclists arrived, ate and refreshed, and moved on again.  This third day of the ride was 70 miles from Hoback Junction, near Jackson, to Pinedale, Wyoming. By 3pm, it was all over and everyone had left!  Tom and I walked the area to check things out… didn’t find even a handful of paper trash remaining… what an amazing job they all did, and we were most impressed!  It was great fun to watch the movement throughout the day!!!
20140819_112359 20140819_112351 20140819_114249 20140819_114151 20140819_11404820140819_114108
We meet many nice folk here in the campground, and occasionally we “click” with some… like two couples from Ohio that were parked near each other. Turned out they lived in towns about an hour apart, and chats with them and us just flowed.  Mike, on the right, is volunteering at Hila Cliff Dwellings in New Mexico for the next few months, and has a blog we will follow on his adventures.  Enjoyed a brief time with all these fine folks!                                      In the photo… Jerry, Carlene, Mindy & Mike.
20140818_093758 Ohio Campers
We took a ride one day to take in the views of the Wind River Range… a cloudy day, but nice to enjoy a bit more of this area.  Many lakes!
20140827_103442 20140827_105025
Long-time friends, Sandy & Paul, came by for a couple of days as they were returning to Houston after visiting their daughter in Alaska.  Was great fun to chat and catch up on things… so pleased they added a stop here on their long travels!  And, after so much rain, we enjoyed beautiful weather for their visit! 
20140829_154716 20140829_114407
Good to have full-timing RV buddies, Becky & Dave, return… they were here to visit us in June, and we are pleased to have this bonus time together! The guys plan on fishing, of course!  Last evening we went to the Branding Iron CafĂ© in Bondurant, WY for dinner and a music event… a good time was had by all!
20140830_172939 20140830_172732
So, now we will begin our final month here at Warren Bridge Campground for this summer… yes, we do plan to return again next year! Also, we are looking forward to more special friends yet to visit during September!!!  Oh, and with this final photo of a beautiful rainbow, we ask if there might be some symbolism?      The pot of gold at end of the rainbow is our RV Dump Station…
20140823_172540    Just gotta smile :)
Best wishes to all!        Hugs, Dianne & Tom

Saturday, August 16, 2014

August Visits, Activities and Rain!

What fun visits we have enjoyed this first couple weeks in August!  A quick overnight was made by Missy (Tom’s cousin’s daughter from Nebraska), Mike and Devon… their nine-month-old cutie! Had looked forward to time with Missy’s parents, Lori & Mark, and three of their children and grandchildren, as they were headed to Idaho for their youngest daughter’s wedding, but flat tires slowed them down to the point that they had no time to stop here and make it to the rehearsal dinner in time… so, just Missy & family came for a night.  Sometimes it goes like this on the road.  Hope to see them all this fall. 
Photos… Missy and Tom                                                    Missy, Mike and baby Devon
20140804_095825 20140804_101930
And, we have enjoyed a great five days with RV pals Lynn & Roger!  We have missed these great folks so much this past 18 months, as we went different directions last winter.  They did like us and moved from a travel trailer to a motorhome… learning lots, and even with the inconvenience and worry of a broken windshield upon their arrival, we all agree that this full-timing RV life is just grand!!!  It rained off and on the entire time they were here, but cleared each evening long enough for us all to enjoy time around the campfire!  Lots of good chats and, of course, a wee bit of clowning around :)
20140807_114347 20140805_190840
20140807_194045 20140807_194400
Another fellow RVer stopped in Tuesday... RV SUE!  Those of you who follow her blog know of her travels and adventures.  Was fun to meet her in person!

And, that evening we had just gone to bed when, about 10:15, Tom said, “Hey… I see headlights at the kiosk.  Someone is arriving late.”  Then, we see more headlights…two, three, four… a total of seven vans arrived!   We headed out to greet them… 42 geology students from the University of Kansas!   Their leader wrote us a check for the campsites, and they began setting up all their tents as it started raining… rained a good part of the night! Made us think of our son, Kevin, who reminded us that he always enjoyed those trips when he was in college, and never cared about the weather… it was always fun, no matter what!  But, I can only imagine what those vans smelled like the next day after they repacked them with wet gear!!!  This group was touring the area, and returned last night… a beautiful, clear night and bright, sunny day as they headed out after breakfast this morning!
The rain here has been good, of course, but today is one of those beautiful, blue sky days that I love the most!  A high of 78 is expected, and an abundance of sunshine!  Yippee!

Best wishes to all!  Be well!  Dianne & Tom

Sunday, August 3, 2014

August already!


Time continues to fly by, and all is well here at Warren Bridge Campground!  Not a lot to report… Tom continues to stay up with the watering, mowing and trimming at campsites and labyrinth area… if this first photo had a caption, it would read, “Hey, didn’t I retire so I didn’t have to do yard work anymore”?

20140730_095219 20140730_150041

You will see by the following “before & after” photos that Nell got a haircut.  Sure changed her appearance… doesn’t look much like an English Shepherd anymore!  Not sure we like the look, but know that she is more comfortable and it is certainly easier to brush her and keep her cleaner.  Sadly, all that hair hid some of truths about her age of nearly 11… she is starting to look like an old dog.  We are most grateful that she is healthy!

2011.10 CO-UTAH Trip 204 20140731_102647

Giving equal time to Maggie… here are a couple of photos of her.  What a life!

20140705_170911 20140702_095432

August brings more family and friends stopping in here, and we are most excited for their visits… will have photos in the next update!

Sending best wishes to all… be well!  Dianne & Tom