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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas in the Desert

Merry Christmas to each of you reading along and staying in touch with us!  We value this connection!

Since our arrival in early December, this has been a peaceful time of relaxing and taking in the sites of the Borrego Springs area, as well as enjoying gatherings with fellow RVers. 
20141217_155559 20141208_164927 20141223_135742
We went with Karen & Bob to the outdoor market at College of the Desert one day… goodness!  Had never experienced a “flea market” with so much bling and high-end items… could even purchase a sports car there!!! Met more of their Canadian friends... fun day, ay!!!

Took a drive one day to Julian to look around… hadn’t been there for some 30 years.  Tom toured the Eagle Gold Mine and, of course, we ate apple pie!
The evening of the Winter Solstice, we had a gathering and enjoyed time with friends. Beautiful evening, amazing sunset and good visits around the fire. 
In the group photo, back row, left to right… Tom, Dianne, Bob, Karen, Harry, Shoko, Nina, Cherie, Chris, Nan & John.                                     
Front row, left to right… Judy, Linda, Steve, Dave & Becky.
  20141221 by Carol ret crop final
(A special thanks to photographer friend Carol Dwyer for “inserting me” into the photo to include our entire group :) 
             Magical, Carol!

Yesterday, John and Tom went on an outing to Obsidian Butte near Sonny Bono National Wildlife Refuge at the south end of the Salton Sea… going rockhounding in a Miata was a fun first! 
SANY4592 20141223_131027

I drove to Fallbrook for the day to visit my parents and tour Silvergate Retirement Residence where they will be moving in a week or so.  Very nice… beautiful place, lovely one-bedroom apartment.  Like living in a nice hotel with a dining room and room service!  Such a deal!  Had a nice lunch there with them and my brother, Don. 

Congratulations and best wishes, Mom & Dad!
 20141222_125953 20141222_124856

So, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and this year will soon come to a close.  We send best wishes to each of you for a Merry Christmas and blessings in the new year!

Hugs, Dianne & Tom

Turn over a new leaf, begin a new… may this be a special time of reflection and anticipation.  May the broken parts heal, may the sadness vanish, may your good fortunes multiply, and may you each find an abundance of blessings in the new year!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The beautiful, peaceful desert…

Hello from Borrego Springs, California where we have set up on BLM land for a few weeks of boondocking in a favorite spot!  The photo at top is the view from our dooryard. 

After great visits and adventures these past two months, we will sit tight here for a good part of December to just relax and hang out.  As you can see by the photo below, my three traveling companions settled right in.


Best wishes to all!  Dianne & Tom

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Southern California

Hoping each of you enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving holiday!  The last two weeks of November flew by for us, and here it is December 3rd and I am finally posting an “end of November” blog update  :)   Not many photos in this post, as we have reached this time in our travels when we are retracing our route and enjoying visits with good folks we posted photos of last year.  Will include just a few of friends and family that have not appeared in previous posts.

We enjoyed a wonderful time of “reconnecting” with Kathleen & Mike at Jojoba Hills, their home park… we first met them at a small campground in North Platte, Nebraska just over two years ago when we were new to RVing… noticed their South Dakota plates and Escapees RV Club emblem, and the rest is history.  Thanks for the time together… look forward to them joining us in Quartzsite in January!

While in Fallbrook, we enjoyed time with my parents, toured the Gemological Institute and miniature museum in Carlsbad, CA with them and Canadian friends, Karen & Bob.  Had a nice lunch at the Green Dragon Tavern & Grill.  Joined in with my aunt, uncle and cousin for a special Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ home, and were treated to a lovely meal at the Grand Tradition the next day.  In the photo below left, starting at top right, clockwise: Dad, Mom, Rob, Mamie, Bob, Dianne, Tom, Karen, Bob.    
Below right… the whole group of us in front of the Beverly Mansion at the Grand Tradition.
20141128_123608 20141128_131030

Met Patty & Budd for lunch one day, enjoyed listening to music and chatting at a local nursery/restaurant on a beautiful afternoon, and we were their guests for such a nice visit and meal at their home one evening. 

Was strange to visit Fallbrook and NOT see my sister Sherri there since she and Ed have moved to Idaho.  But, we so enjoyed a visit with some of their family… went to Drew & Megan’s for dinner one evening (Sherri’s oldest son).  Megan fixed a delicious enchilada dinner for us, and we had great visits and time with them and their little boy, Asher.  Also, Leah (Sherri’s youngest) was there for the holiday, so a bonus for us! What a great time with these special people!

We had our own private rv parking spot at Sharon and Jerry’s, and enjoyed frequent visits, coffee and meals, and dinner out one night.  Great accommodations, and so convenient to our local visits and errands… thanks for the warm hospitality!

We moved on to San Diego the first of December to join Karen & Bob at Mission Bay RV Park for four days.  Great fun, frequent visits, and a day of “riding the rails” all over the area.  Saying goodbye and heading east soon, but look forward to time together again in the desert in the next few months… so glad to know our paths will cross often!

While in San Diego, long-time friends Norma & Mert came to our rv spot for a visit, and we enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Fish Market restaurant.  They then drove us around many of the various parts of the SD Bay area that I used to frequent.  I first met them in 1975 when we were neighbors in San Diego, and have stayed in touch and been friends all this time.  So good to spend this day together… it had been two years since we last met for a visit.  Great day!
20141202_140240 Mert & Norma 20141202_140733

Our sincere appreciation and thanks to each of the great folks listed above for the many special ways you helped to make our stay in Southern California so meaningful!

Now, we are soon headed east for some desert time!  Not sure that we will be very regular with blog posts down the road… will do an update occasionally, but probably not on any regular basis.  So check in occasionally, if you like, and know that we think of you fondly and send all best wishes to each of you!

Hugs, Dianne & Tom

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.  It turns what we have into enough, and more.  It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity.  It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.  - Melody Beattie