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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

First Part of February in Tucson

At the end of January, we said goodbye to Quartzsite and our RV buddies and headed to Tucson, Arizona.  Tom enjoyed the many gem & mineral shows in Tucson!  Also while there, Fallbrook friends Patty & Budd joined us for a few days, along with their friend Janice, and we got together for good visits on several occasions… plus, we celebrated the February full moon together.  We were parked at the Desert Diamond Casino near town, convenient to everything, and they stayed in the casino hotel while there… worked well.  Great time together with these special friends!
20150203_135038 20150203_212620
One never knows who/what opportunities are waiting each day, and what a lovely treat for us has been to meet Carol & Clinton, fellow RVers from New Brunswick, Canada!  I admired some needlework Carol was doing while sitting outside their rig, and she told me about it.  I had not heard of Swedish Weaving (sometimes known as Huck Weaving or Huck Embroidery). I was “smitten.”

The next morning, Carol & Clinton stopped by to say they were leaving, but we exchanged phone numbers and she said for me to call if I needed help with my afghan. Carol told me what I would need for my project, so Tom and I headed off to a Joann’s Fabric Store in search of Monk’s Cloth, 4-ply worsted yarn, and a #13 yarn needle. 

Then, the story gets better… Carol called later in the day to say they had moved to another park only 15 miles away and said she was available if I wanted help in making an afghan… yes!  We joined them there and parked nearby! Carol loaned me the needed pattern, plus others that I scanned and downloaded, and she got me started.  Plus, for the next three days as “neighbors,” she patiently taught me the technique, helped me through reading the pattern, etc.  Such inspiration, her work is beautiful, and I am most grateful to have met these fine folks and to have been blessed with Carol’s help.  Below is a photo of Carol and Clinton, as well as a photo of her beautiful completed afghan in the pattern I have started (Tom and I selected a variegated yarn of more muted tones that will fit well in our home), plus a shot of Carol and me… and, a photo of my meager beginning on my very own project.  I am loving this!
20150214_150244 20150213_124949  20150214_150103 20150217_103457

Also, while in Tucson last week, Tom and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary!  Wow!  Feeling grateful and blessed!

So, now we are in Benson, Arizona and we will call the Saguaro SKP Park home for the next month.  As most of you know, we mostly boondock, but this is our “go to” project park.  Tom is using the woodshop here for a cabinet he is building for our motorhome, plus the construction of new doors for the tv cabinets that we converted to storage cabinets last spring.  And, I will enjoy weaving!

In closing, as I have mentioned before and again need to write, we hold in our hearts a dear friend struggling with cancer.  To each of you, no matter your situation… we are all connected and our hearts remain bound to each other through our friendships.  We must always remember to love and support each other, and appreciate life!

Be well, everyone!  Love, Dianne & Tom

I learned of the following word and meaning from our daughter-in-law, Kirsten… thanks for sharing. 

UBUNTU - in the Xhosa culture means, "I am because we are"