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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The first week of July was warm and sunny.  Then, the rain returned for nearly a week… go figure! As we hear from friends RVing in various parts of the country, it seems many have encountered “interesting” weather this summer. More sunshine here again, and then it clouds up and rains… never know what to expect from day to day! The good news is that we have no tornados, no hurricanes, no flooding, no humidity, no snakes or bears, and not many bugs.  We so enjoy the beautiful views in all directions!

Was nice to have Kayla and Weston (daughter & son-in-law) visit for a couple of days… and, their sweet puppies.  We don’t see any of our kids often so a treat, to be sure!
20150710_191714 20150711_104545

Not much else to report… things are just rolling along and we are enjoying the summer.

Best wishes to all!  Be well, everyone! Dianne & Tom
“It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine… it’s summertime!”  Kenny Chesney

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July – Two Full Moons This Month!

After lots of rain and cool temps, summer has hit and it has been warming to the low 80s each day.  With the warmer weather, the mosquitos have also arrived, but the frequent breeze helps with that and we are not complaining.  The mosquitos were not here for long last summer… hoping they decide to move out quickly.

Maggie and Nell enjoy our summer home to explore and generally be free!  They take frequent walks with us and are having a great summer.
20150614_202025 20150614_202128

We enjoyed making the acquaintance of some fellow Escapees fulltimers in early June, and they spent two weeks here. Christine & Brent are truly special people, a young couple working on the road, and they appreciated the good cell and internet service here!  Kindred spirits, to be sure, and we feel blessed to now consider them friends. We look forward to meeting up again down the road!
20150620_100259 20150619_19443720150619_194514 
To Shadow…  Nell & Maggie miss you! We miss all three of you!!!

Our lettuce and spinach is doing well, and we are now enjoying fresh greens!

Last summer we met Deborah & Keith when they visited here from Louisiana, and some of our RV friends will remember them from Benson this past February.  Great fun to have them visit again, and one evening we attended a concert at the park in Pinedale… a beautiful evening and great music!
20150627_181203 20150627_165653(0)

And, a couple of days ago Linda & Ron arrived… so glad they are new members to our Escapees “Classless Class.” We enjoyed time with them in Quartzsite this past January, and it was quite special to have them take time to visit us here! We have enjoyed evening happy hour and meals together with them, as well as Deborah & Keith!

Update on the afghans I have been making by Swedish Weaving technique of weaving yarn on Monk's cloth... several of you have asked about these, and I thank you for the interest.  Difficult to truly capture in this photo, but left to right: my first one in shades to brown, tan, teal (design, Southwest Magic). Next, shades of olive green, brown, black (design, Ocean Waves). Current project, a yarn of burgundy/purple blend (design, Purple Passion).  Such fun, and a project I am truly enjoying!

We have been much busier here this summer, and doing great! Our record so far is 14 campsites full overnight… only two empty sites last night!  Who would have thought that would happen on a Tuesday night, and not even a holiday! Wishing everyone a safe holiday weekend!  And, enjoy the two full moons this month!

A bonus... today we had a great visit with Nancy & Dave!  They drove down from Jackson and we had a good time catching up with each other, followed by a great meal together!  That’s all from here.  Be well, everyone!  Dianne & Tom

Namastea greeting of unity and acceptance that recognizes the equality of all, and pays honor to the sacredness of interconnection.  Peace be with each of you!