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Monday, August 31, 2015

Late August… Outings, Upgrades & Special Friends

Well, here it is the last day of August!  Gorgeous blue sky, no smoke in the air, and hopeful that the fire dangers in the west are settling down. Sad about the loss of lives and property.

We took a nice drive one day to Granite Hot Springs, and Tom enjoyed a soak in the mineral pool while Nell and I explored along the creek. This is an old hot springs pool at the end of a 10-mile gravel/dirt road… beautiful country, and nice outing away from the campground.
20150813_114855 Granite Hot Springs 20150813_115247 20150813_122442

Our microwave/convection oven had been showing signs of quitting soon so, while in this location for deliveries, we received a replacement and got it installed! Wow… we knew the replacement would be slightly larger inside, and are most pleased.  Two racks for baking, and a larger turntable, plus a few other added features.  And, the big plus… I didn’t have to clean the old one!!!  Tom did a great job on the installation!
20150819 New Oven SANY4959 20150819 SANY4963 20150819 SANY4965 20150819 SANY4967

As I mentioned above, the smoke has lessened here, and we are enjoying nice weather. Love the wildlife viewing we are fortunate to enjoy now and then… this big boy waltzed through the campground one day, much to our delight! Seeing more Pronghorn in the campground now, also.
20150828 SANY4974

Enjoying a real “bonus visit,” as Christine & Brent have returned for a couple weeks!  Truly wonderful to have them here again! Makes us smile  :)

As we begin our final month here in Wyoming, we are counting our blessings… grateful for a good summer and getting excited to think of traveling on again soon. More on that later…
Happy Fall, Everyone! Hugs, Dianne & Tom

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Saturday, August 15, 2015


Was great fun to have son Loren visit for a few days. He helped Tom with some mowing, and one day they drove to Jackson and Tetons National Park… was cloudy and rainy that day, so not the best views, but they enjoyed a father-son day together. We had great visits, and enjoyed meals together and catching up. Thanks for taking the time to visit, Loren!
 20150807_09591120150807_100240 20150806_191307 20150807_191302  

We have been enjoying fabulous fruit and veggies brought to Pinedale weekly… thank you,  Leah & Zay, owners of Produce Peddlers in Mack, Colorado (near Grand Junction.) So good to put green beans and corn in the freezer, and we put up a batch of zucchini relish.  Have also enjoyed Palisade peaches and delicious cantaloupe, affectionately now called “Mack Melons.”
bd61b84dd2c570fd155da15096564cf4 20150810 Leah & Zay, Produce Peddlers SANY4956

That’s about it from here other than a few minor adjustments and replacements… a new control panel now installed on the refrigerator after it quit working on the electric setting, and a new microwave/convection oven is on the way as ours is threatening to quit.  Whether living in a “sticks & bricks” house or an RV, there are always things to take care of. Also, appreciate the convenience of receiving deliveries at our summer location, not to mention my talented handyman! We will be in good shape to hit the road at the end of September!

Hope everyone is enjoying the “dog days of summer.” It has been truly beautiful here this week… warmer nights and bright, sunny days! Keeping good thoughts for those in ill health and struggling… you are loved!

Take care, everyone.  Fondly,  Dianne & Tom

“Celebrate good food and health, and never take it for granted.”

Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Already!!!

Summer is flying by!  July has been a very busy month, with nearly twice as many campsites occupied each week as last year.  And, weather continues to be fall-like some days, and then back to being summer.  Even got down to 29 degrees one night earlier this week as a front moved through.  Then, 32 one night, 34 the next, and the most beautiful 80+ days of the bluest skies and bright sunshine!  Now back in the 40s at night.

Linda & Ron returned for a few days and we again enjoyed time with them!  One afternoon we went to a music event and BBQ at the Branding Iron Café in Bonderant, WY.  Great food and good music, plus a good time with these friends! 
20150718_164903 T & D, Linda & Ron

The Branding Iron is a special place 19 miles north of our campground… owned and operated by nice folks, Dave & Melissa, pictured below, and they serve truly excellent food!  We are always happy to recommend the Branding Iron Café to our campers!
20150718_17284120150718_172807   20150718_16512720150718_174356 Dave, Melissa

Linda & Ron headed on to Yellowstone, and returned for one more overnight with us before moving on to Colorado.  We look forward to catching up with them again this next winter in Arizona!!!

Was great to have Becky & Dave stop in for a couple of days… snapped this photo as they were heading on.  Will look forward to seeing them next winter, also!!!

Mixed in with our campground duties, Tom has been working on caulking seams and touching up the paint on the roof caps of our motorhome.  Also, he tore apart  our toilet and put in new seals and flushing mechanism. Always good to get projects done!

And, some final visits in this past month… Deborah & Keith returned for a few days! And so nice to make the acquaintance of another delightful couple, Vicki & Mike… one of those “meant to be” meetings (Mike’s term for it :) as they stumbled upon our campground. Something “clicked,” and we had some great visits and sharing.  And, a fun time together for an afternoon meal at the Branding Iron Café Cafe! Both couples heading out tomorrow… travel safely, friends! 

In the photo below, Vicki, Mike, Keith, Deborah, Dianne, Tom
2015.08.01 Vicki, Mike, Keith, Debrah, Dianne, Tom IMG_3277

Be well, everyone!  Dianne & Tom

“There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.” - John Lennon

“Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.” – Marcus Aurelius