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Saturday, April 2, 2016

At Home in Tucson!

Well, greetings all... hoping that this finds everyone doing well! Amazing that it is April 2016 already! We are in our new home in Tucson, Arizona, and will recap this past couple of months below. This is a rather lengthy catch-up blog post :)

During the last few days of January, following our time in Quartzsite, we enjoyed a few days at Sue & Paul's in Lake Havasu City... their home turned out so great, and Tom enjoyed helping Paul work on the new fence. We had the distinction of being the first motorhome in the yard :) Thanks for the hospitality, friends! 

It's been an exciting, and sometimes stressful waiting time, as we prepared for and moved into our new house in Tucson! It has been wonderful to have many RV friends share in our time of transition and be so supportive... thank you all!

In early February we submitted an offer on a house that seemed "just right" for us to come and go from as we become part-time RVers. Offer accepted, and 45 days later we had the keys. During our time of waiting to close on the house, we took care of things like tons and tons of paperwork for the house purchase, annual tax prep, visiting with friends, and Tom getting to many of Tucson's annual gem & mineral shows.

A few days after we were under contract on the house, we were invited to a Super Bowl party at Carol & Jeff's in our "new neighborhood." Nancy & Dave were there, and we also met two other couples that are friends of theirs, and one couple are also neighbors. Thanks to all! We have been warmly welcomed, even before moving in!

Soon the inspection took place and it was great fun to have friends check it out with us!
Dianne, Tom, Mike, Dave, Nancy, Carol

Mike & Julie give a "thumb's up"
After most of the paperwork was underway, we left Tucson and headed to Painted Rock Petroglyph Site for a great gathering in a beautiful, quiet location with Jean & Skip, Diane & Dave, Karen & Bob, and Alice & Robbie. Didn't take any photos here... not sure why (too busy enjoying visits!). But, we had a fun time together!

Then back to Lake Havasu City to attend Paul's 60th birthday bash... fun time with many RV friends, and nice to meet many of Sue & Paul's friends and family! They did it up right, and a good time was had by all! 

From there, we went to Quartzsite so Tom could go on a rockhounding field trip with the club there. Jean & Skip were parked nearby, and we so enjoyed a few more days with them!

Back to Tucson, and such fun to spend a few more days parked next to Karen & Bob at Gilbert Ray Campground! We so appreciated our wonderful and congenial realtor Cindy, who was kind enough to open the house again so we could share with more friends in the area! Karen & Bob, and Diane & Dave checked it out with us, and then we all had a great BBQ dinner topped off with ice cream! Karen & I have birthdays a day apart... any excuse to celebrate :)
Karen, Diane, Dave, Tom, Dianne, Bob
A couple weeks prior to closing, we made a quick trip to Alamosa, CO to pick up items we have had stored in a 5 x 10 storage unit there for the past four years. Drove there one day, had dinner with Braxton and spent the night. The next morning we picked up our reserved U-haul truck and loaded it, and were back on the road... home to Tucson by midnight! Whew! Glad that's over with!!! Thanks to Braxton for the hospitality and helping us load the truck! (Took a photo, but deleted it in error... oops!) We certainly enjoyed our short visit together!

We were fortunate to be able to store the items in the shed at our new house... thanks to Paul and Mike for helping unload! Yep... many, many rocks! It's good friends that will help haul rocks!!! Thanks, guys!

Another highlight during this waiting time was a great celebration at a nearby hotel one evening at sundown... gorgeous views of the Tucson valley, and a very special time with special friends! 

Julie, Sue, Dianne, Tom, Mike, Paul
Julie, Sue, Paul, Mike

Once escrow closed and we got the keys, the moving in and getting organized began! We began hauling stuff from the motorhome to the house... how did ALL THAT fit in our rig??? 

Our second day there, Julie & Mike and Nancy & Dave came for happy hour to help us celebrate! They didn't care that we were unorganized and had piles of things everywhere. Great fun to be together before Julie & Mike left the area!

Then, a few days later, Jeri & Terry came by to say Hi and check out our new digs... good to see them again! 

Also, very nice to have rockhounding friends from Quartzsite, Betty & Mac, come by for a visit.  Sorry, no photo here :(

By the 28th of March, we were pretty well organized and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our son, daughter-in-law and grandkids from near Durango out on a Spring Break trip! They camped nearby and we so enjoyed the time with them!

One afternoon, Nancy & Dave and Sue & Paul came by to visit with the kids... very nice gathering!
Dave, Kevin, Kirsten, Tom

Tom, Nancy, Paul
Logan, Owen, Sue

The time with our "kids" was a brief, but a very special time! They enjoyed the Saguaro National Park and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, both near our home! 

All too soon it was over and they needed to move on... lots of love and special thanks to Kirsten, Kevin, Logan & Owen for this time together!
Happy Grandparents with Owen & Logan!

So, this about catches you all up on all our happenings. Thanks for reading and sharing in our past couple of months. Thinking we won't be doing blog updates twice a month now, so will let you all know when we do post an update. Thanks for "traveling along" on this past four years of full-time RVing!  

Below are a few photos of the inside of our new home. It is bright and cheerie, and we are off to a good start. Will be a comfortable place to come and go from. As the weather here gets hot, the mountains will be calling...  :) 

We certainly do love the beautiful desert views! 

Be well, everyone! Dianne & Tom

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