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Friday, September 1, 2017

July - August 2017

Summer is flying by, and August has come to a close. It's been a great summer, and a busy one here at Warren Bridge Campground! One more month to go, and we will close up the campground until next May when we return again to our "summer home" here in Wyoming! 

All records for this 16-site campground have been broken! We were full 21 nights in July and August, and many more nights we were nearly full... the hardest part is sending people away when there are no more sites available :(  Lots of activity in our Day Use Area and at the Warren Bridge Recreation Area up river. Also, a steady stream of RVs us the dump station, get water and dump trash, particularly on Sundays or following a holiday weekend or event. People have been great! 

We have been most pleased for the convenience of a 4-wheeler with mower and trailer attachments for use in the campground, and then the addition of a new Kawasaki "Mule" UTV! Great for gathering trash, delivering firewood, etc. Most handy! We are well taken care of here by the BLM.  A variety of photos follow...

Thanks to Kathleen for this photo of a moose!
Maggie enjoys walks to the river with us! We all miss Nell on these walks :(

An "oasis" - Warren Bridge Campground on the Green River - Daniel/Pinedale, Wyoming

We have been blessed with great visits with friends! As we ended our June blog post, Canadian friends were visiting... many good times with Karen & Bob, and Shoko & Harry! They stayed through their Canada Day and our July Fourth celebration, and Nancy & Dave came down from Jackson to join in one afternoon. 

My sister, Sherri, and Mom

On July 1st, my mother turned 90! I was sorry to not be at here celebration in Fallbrook, CA but so enjoyed all the photos and stories those in attendance shared with us! My mother is the most vibrant and active 90-year-old ever! A true inspiration! She had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed all the visits and festivities! 
Happy Birthday, Mom!
Oldest son, Brian, and his family with my mom
I spot many friends and family in this photo... sorry to have missed you all!

Longtime friends... Shandra, Mom, Don, Jack, Barbara

Cousin Bobbi and my mom

Nephew Michael and family, with my sister
L-R, standing... Gary, Mom, Audrey
seated... Roy and Dad, now 92 (Roy and Dad have been friends since 2nd Grade!)

July was a rather quiet month for us with few friends visiting, but a busy time in the campground, so it all worked out well! Tom enjoyed some rockhounding field trips. He helped one morning the with the setup of a gem & mineral show put on by the local club, and also attended the show one day. A variety of projects were accomplished in the campground... Tom painted all the tables in the day use area and the campground, as well as the site posts throughout the campground. The "boneyard" was hauled away, after many years of unused campground junk piled up... nice to have that area cleaned up! Tom enjoys projects and staying busy!

In late July, we enjoyed an impromptu visit with Tom's old college friend, Doug, stopping by on his return trip to Colorado from a fire camp in northern Wyoming. Good to catch up with Doug again, and we enjoyed a nice dinner at The Den in Daniel Junction. Thanks for stopping by, Doug!

Doug and Tom
Meanwhile... news from Tucson. Friends in Tucson told us of LOTS of rain there, as the Monsoons arrived! Around ten inches of rain fell in July! We appreciate news from home! The following are a couple of fun photos from our Tucson neighborhood!
Carol snapped this shot of Javalena in her back yard!

Carol also took this photo so we could see how tall our Century Plant bloom grew after we left... since the plant dies upon blooming, we will have to remove it once home again, and we are hoping to save the stalk and bloom to dry as a decoration! Thanks for the photos, Carol!

In early August, we met Nancy & Dave for a lunch visit at the Branding Iron Cafe in nearby Bondurant, WY... always good to catch up with them! One would think we could get together more often, since we are just 60 miles apart for the summer, but busy schedules make that more difficult than anticipated! Always fun when we do get together, and we look forward to our time together back in Tucson since we are now neighbors!
This photo was taken for a birthday text message to friend Dori :)
A surprise visit brought Randy from Oklahoma! We had met Randy at our niece's wedding in March, as he is her new father-in-law! We knew that he liked fishing in our area of Wyoming, and had once worked with a local deputy we know here. Great to see Randy here in our neck of the woods!

BABY NEWS is always fun! Congratulations to youngest son, Ryan, and wife Kate, on the birth of their daughter, Zelie Hildegard! Born August 7, 2017 on the full moon! A beautiful family... SO looking forward to seeing them all in October!!!!!


Big sister, Lucy!
Big brother, Obie!
Big brother, Ignatius!

Lots of good times during the summer, but also a couple of painful losses. 

Tom and Carol Ann at Lost Trail Ranch

A lung cancer battle ended for Tom's uncle, Chuck Austin of Rexford, Kansas. Chuck fought a good fight, and is now at peace. This is an old photo of me with Chuck in the garden at their place... always loved a garden! Chuck will be missed, and we look forward to time with Aunt Joan and family on our travels home in October.

The second loss, which came as a complete surprise, was the passing of Carol Ann Wetherill! Carol Ann was Tom's first mother-in-law, and a dear friend! This photo was taken a few years back at her ranch near Creede, CO. They were chatting and stopped to pose for this photo. We were fortunate to have time with Carol Ann in late April when we enjoyed a visit with her and her son, Bill, in Alamosa. Carol Ann passed peacefully in her sleep, and will be so missed!

Keeping good thoughts, also, for friends dealing with illnesses! Wishing speedy recoveries! And mindful of flood victims around the country, and the world, and those coping with forest fires... so sad. A time when many jump in to be of help, and we hold these folks in our hearts when there isn't much we can do beyond donations and caring.  *** Wanted to add this inspirational quote by Fred Rogers... "When I was a boy and would see scary things in the news, my mother would say, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'" 

Happier thoughts... Our Colorado grandsons are growing and changing so! After a good and busy summer, they are back in school again. Amazing to think that they are now in sixth and fourth grades! So appreciate their parents' many efforts to keep us connected and aware of what's going on in their lives... thank you, Kirsten & Kevin, for all the phone calls, texts and photos, and for promoting our special connection! We miss you all! Looking forward to Spring Break!!!

Logan... first day of Middle School!
Owen... first day of 4th Grade!

So, on this note, we will close out another update... feeling ever grateful to friends and family, and beautiful experiences, that inspire us and help us recognize that there is SO MUCH GOOD in this life! We are greatly blessed!

Be well, everyone! Fondly, Dianne & Tom

The following lyrics are from the song, "Live This Life," by Big & Rich
"I'll live this life until this life won't let me live here anymore.
And I will walk, yes, I will walk with patience
through that open door.
I have no fear. Angels follow me where ever I may go."


  1. Now I understand why you haven't been writing. Beyond busy would be an understatement. A Special Happy Birthday, along with lots of Condolences and congratulations heading your way.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

  2. Whew! Lots of information in there! So happy we got to see you, and look forward to more visits this winter

  3. You have been having a fun busy summer, thanks for the update.


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